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Sonnet Three of Three


     “O prosp’rous Dame the boldest life you live

Benevolence has been but yours to make

The choicest alms to poorest folk you give

And kindness from you ever do we take

     The glow of cheek has past to ruddiness

Full nebulous your raiment now appears

Your gift to us is cherished ne’ertheless

Penumbra crimson at the end of years

     The tapestry again you now unfold

To spread about the leas so far and wide

Stark banner of the kingdom we behold

The ebbing flow of this illumined tide

     Your bounty cannot have but mortal worth

As now the world in you does seek rebirth.”

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Sonnet Two of Three


     “Upon your dais now you look about

A wond’rous presence to be held by all

Your gifts pour down, a token of your clout

And joyfully we know you ne’er shall fall

     Your radiance is strongest now our Queen

This noontide of your reign is at its prime

Oh Lady bright of splendor ever seen

Your bounty comes to mark this blessed time

     Not old nor young your season comes to full

A crossing point within your great career

Your clearest light, a blade that cannot dull

A goodly kingdom nigh the breast you rear

     Most hallowed time at which your cup does flow

Dire need nor want your people ne’er shall know.”

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Sonnet One of Three

After a month’s hiatus (centered around my move to university), I submitted work again to the local college magazine Blackbird. I submitted three works this time, actually.

I had been writing in sonnet-form for some time, but finally decided to make some of them public. There’s usually a specific theme behind all of the sonnets I’ve written (not quite a dozen so far), but I would be curious if anyone could see the common theme these three sonnets share. Photo-reply if you think you know the answer!


     “An eye it opens slowly in the east

A tender hand past horizon nigh deep

This new beginning reverently pieced

Fair tapestry to throw off lolling sleep

     The cloth of hills catch mewling baby mild

And spill her tender grasp about

Born again a little hallowed child

Worlds now send a never-ending shout

     And quickly does she grow, our blessed Queen!

Into a maiden dawn of reddest gold

Another epoch ripe with tale unseen

Eternity of wonders yet untold

     A rising light to stir Night’s quiet sound

To loose the day to knowings yet unbound.”

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